Shangri-La Singapore, a Hotel with SG Clean Certified

Do you plan to stay in Shangri-La Singapore in the next holiday? If you do, you have to know that this hotel has the rule to check-in from 3.00 PM. But if you arrive earlier, you can check in earlier with an extra charge. Check-out time is before noon.

Like the check procedure, you can check out late, but you have to pay a bit. After knowing about the rules, here is some information about this resort that you may want to know.

Shangri-La Singapore with SG Clean Certified

This resort has SG Clean certification. What is that certification? It is a qualification of hygiene and sanitation measures facilities and services.

Singapore Tourism Board-appointed assessors will see the hotel and do some research. After that, they will give the certification. That is why all the guests may feel so fresh and clean in that place. It is not only clean but also comfortable.

The location of this hotel is good and strategic. Hustle bustle will you see near the place. If you are in your room, you can see the views of many people who go to the office, school, and college. That is why Singapore is a busy and motivating city. Because most the citizen is diligent, punctual, and hard-working. So, if you see it from your room window, you can see the representation of the busy area from Singapore.jasa pembuatan website murah

With a good location and cleanliness, many people come to Shangri-La Hotel to stay. Some for work, and some for leisure. Many people consistently vote this resort as one of the best hotels in the world. The popularity of this place is not only for people in Singapore but all over the world.

It has luxurious guestrooms and suites in three distinctive wings. Many packages are offered for you, based on the classification of the view. For example, Garden Wing Deluxe City View, Garden Wing Deluxe Pool View, Valley Wing Deluxe with Breakfast. From the name of the package, we can conclude that the view that the hotel offers are various. Some guest that wants to choose the view will make a good decision because the option is various.

Tower Wing in Shangri-La Hotel

One of the towers in this hotel is Tower Wing. This is an old tower that was built in 1971 and established the standard for the unparalleled signature Shangri-La experience of today. Why is the name of the tower is “Tower”?

It is because of the inspiration from famed utopia in author James Hilton’s Lost Horizon. This hotel’s name’s synonym is paradise. So, a name with “Tower” is related to paradise. Not only that, this name is easy to pronounce, so the guest from other countries does not need to worry about misheard or misunderstanding.jasa pembuatan website murah

After you read about the hotel policy and some reviews about the wing, do you like this hotel more? If you like to book there, your staycation will be enjoyable, because the place is comfortable and clean. The building is classic and luxurious too.