4 Prohibitions After Chemical Peeling For Perfect Skin Regeneration

Doing chemical peeling is one of the options that Marshalova can do to take care of her face. This practice aims to stimulate new skin regeneration so that the skin looks fresher. Chemical peeling can also help the process of removing stains on the skin of the face. However, you must know the restrictions after chemical peeling so as not to do the wrong facial skin care after undergoing the procedure.

Get to know Chemical Peeling

The practice of chemical peeling is a skin care procedure using chemical solutions or chemical peeling agents. This skin care procedure aims to stimulate or accelerate the effects of skin rejuvenation. The impact or benefit after chemical peeling is the exfoliation of the top layer of skin that will stimulate the regeneration of new skin layers that are smoother and healthier. 

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What Are The Prohibitions After Doing Chemical Peeling?

Doing facial skin care with chemical peeling can be an option to look more beautiful thanks to healthy and soft radiant skin. It’s just that you have to be obedient and careful after doing the treatment because there are some things that you are not allowed to do.

Scratching the Skin

abstinence after chemical peeling

One of the taboos after chemical peeling is scratching or scratching the skin that has just been treated. The main purpose of the chemical peeling procedure is to exfoliate dry skin and layers of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, but the process should not be forced. You have to let the old skin peel off naturally so that the growth of new skin is really perfect when the old skin is removed.

Instead of getting new healthy skin, you will actually get red skin to scars if you force the skin to peel off after undergoing chemical peeling. For this reason, you are completely abstinent or should not force the skin to peel after undergoing chemical peeling. 

Excessive Use of Moisturizer 

abstinence after chemical peeling

You will find the effect of facial skin that feels dry and hardened after undergoing chemical peeling. Even you may feel your face feels so stiff because it is so dry. This is part of the process of peeling off the old skin layers and stimulating regeneration to occur so you don’t have to worry. Let the condition run naturally because regeneration to grow new skin requires a process and old dry skin is protection for new skin that is growing.

Excessive use of moisturizer is one of the prohibitions after chemical peeling that you should know. Using excessive moisturizer in order to prevent dryness on the facial skin or reduce discomfort will actually make the downtime period of your facial skin increase.

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abstinence after chemical peeling

The practice of exfoliating or peeling dry facial skin after chemical peeling is a taboo after the next chemical peeling that you should also know. Wearing a scrub will actually exacerbate the irritating effects that are deliberately created as part of the skin exfoliation that should take place naturally. Using facial care products that contain acid to speed up the exfoliation of the skin can actually damage the skin and cause scarring on the facial skin.

Excessive Sunlight Display

abstinence after chemical peeling

Another thing you should also avoid is excessive sunlight. If you have to do outdoor activities after chemical peeling then you should wear sunscreen with a sufficient level of protection. This can prevent your skin from being severely irritated and in fact make the chemical peeling that you do fail to give the best results.

Those were the 4 taboos after chemical peeling that Marshalova had to know and obey. Hope it is useful in keeping your skin healthy, Girls!